Moving Forward

Wonder what comes next for “us”?

Well Amanda’s official last day in the kitchen was today, we have a few things to take care of but essentially it’s just me now. I plan to keep on keep’n on and providing all of you with the best possible Keto treats that I can.

From time to time orders might take a little longer to finish up, I might only have one pick up date a week but take orders for several days. The only thing that I know for sure is that I’m not going anywhere! I’ll keep everyone posted on baking days and menu changes. Hopefully you won’t notice much change on your end of this crazy little business!!

Xoxo Keto Eats And Sweets


    1. Hi Joanne, pickup is in Canterbury Park. When you place an order we will be in contact with you with the address to pick up your order.

  1. I’m not Keto, however being diagnosed type2 diabetic just before Christmas was a real wake up call. I’m fortunate enough that I’m managing it with meds. That being said, I am missing many things , and it seems Keto products may be the solution. I would love to know more about your products. Are you a store now?
    And probably a lot more.

    1. Hi!!
      Sorry it took a bit to get to your comment. I’m not in a store but I do work out of a licensed kitchen. Pick up is in Transcona or city wide delivery is $5.00.


  2. Hi, first time customer! Is ther pick up in Transcona? Your peanut butter chocolate cake looks amazing! What do you use for sweetener? Are there pecans or cashews in your recipe?

    1. Hi,
      Pick up is in Transcona and I use pecans in done of my recipes but it’s stated in everything that uses them. I use a monk fruit and erythritol blend for all my baking.

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