BBQ Season

With BBQ season upon us I have began to REALLY crave some of my all time fave foods!!! It’s been really hard to pass up Potato Salad, Chips (which I’m not even a HUGE fan of), creamy fruit salads, baked potatoes… sigh the list is long! I feel like when we go away on holidays to the cabin this year we may indulge in some of these delish faves but maybe not.

What do you struggle with this time of year? Do you plan on “cheating”?
While trying to stay Keto over the summer we knew we’d have to come up with something BIG and I think we did it! We’ve finally perfected the Hamburger bun!!! It’s not an exact replica of a wheat flour based bread but man it’s good!! I can’t wait to share these with you guys and develop them into Hotdog buns! Think of the Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Sandwiches… so many things can be done with these buns!! You can also pair our BBQ sauce with it for an ultimate low carb treat!!

Now is we could just conquer a not potato salad that isn’t cauliflower LOL.

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