What Kind Are You?

So I thought I would write something a little more personal today :). I started my Keto Journey on February 22nd 2019 after coming home from shooting Amanda’s destination wedding. While we were away I felt great but almost as soon as we got home I started to feel terrible, nauseous, bloated, exhausted and the list goes on… the only thing that had changed was how I was eating!! While we were away I didn’t eat many desserts or breads but lived on fresh fruits, eggs and other proteins. After looking at what I had been eating my research of Keto began and I fell down a rabbit hole of of facts for correct and incorrect (lol), finally I made the choice I needed to make and changed the way my husband and myself were going to eat. Fast forward to today and we are down 50 pounds combined and feeling SO much better then we were! I can’t image continuing to live my life as a slave to sugars and carbs! We started off being strict Keto but have now fallen into dirty and lazy ket, for us that’s okay! No matter what you chose to be as long as you’re feeling better and getting what you need from this lifestyle then more power to you. Drop of comment about your journey or tell us what kind of Keto you are 🙂

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